Four years ago, I d

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Four years ago, I d

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Four years ago, I dragged my suitcase and walked to the train station. The cold air made people suffocate. The farewell scene was still warm. Three years of college life made me unable to leave. However, the train was still on time. The friends in the university are scattered all over the place. There are only a handful of contacts. Like everyone else, I started to find a job after graduation. I didn��t expect to stay here for three and a half years. On this way, some people continue to be as hopeful as me, and some people are in a hurry. Going, every time I hear someone submitting a resignation letter, just like the exam sees someone handing in the paper in advance Marlboro 100S Cartons Us, the heart will always stir up a layer of embarrassment, but finally calm down. I think I am not good enough, I am not qualified to do this in a hurry. I am most afraid of dealing with strangers, so I will run away like a deserter at the interview. At that time, I wonder if I will carry the label of the loser and walk around the edge of the city. Fortunately, due to time. I was forced to temporarily vacant a seat, so I had the first job in my life. I think the teacher is a sacred profession. I dare not take it easy. In February 2013, I was assigned ten classes of art. Lesson, actually I also have a heart and a contradiction, because I don't have any foundation, but it is better to teach the main subject directly. At the same time, I was also arranged to pick up the students with the school bus. At that time, I met the best of my later students. It��s too leisurely, basically there is no homework, and I can go home for lunch every day at noon. I don��t think anyone else would admire the teacher��s career. At that time, I thought so too, so that the leisure days last until the end of May, the first grade is missing. A math teacher and class teacher, obviously I am only suitable, because I am the best math in the sub-discipline, haha. I just started to feel very fresh, slowly the desk is full of work papers, not in the morning. So leisurely, many weekends to check the health of the teacher came, I am still dragging the floor, the next child said that the teacher you are faster, the inspection came over, that class I did not have a red flag on the class, but I said I have no complaints. I just feel that I am really not suitable for this profession, but I have to work hard, otherwise you will be eliminated. Even this very hard job has not officially graduated in the summer of 2013. The school met the old classmates, and everyone was rushing around for the future. The short stay was dispersed, there was no graduation, and there was no sadness, because my emotions and sorrows were all occupied by the work, the university in August. He said that he got the teacher qualification certificate and came to look for a job. In fact, he really admired him. He studied marketing, but he still obtained the teacher qualification certificate for self-study. On August 3, he received the old man. The next day I went back to my hometown. It was the longest time I spent with my grandmother and talked a lot. I often teased her. She laughed like a child and complained to me about the old one. When people came back to school, she gave me 10 yuan on the morning of the school, and told me not to be hungry on the road. I said that I have. She said that when you are always useful, you thought you would continue to bring the children. It was only after I started school that I was assigned to the sixth grade of the fourth grade. At that time, I was at a loss when I was at the beginning, because a group of people who had a good time met again and said goodbye, but also to contact a group of strangers. Fortunately, there was no imagination. So difficult, I made a lot of preparations before this, I didn��t think about it at the time. I will insist on following them with them and another university time. When we get along with people, we will be very serious and very cautious. It is because we are unfamiliar. During this period, we met a very good leader. She gave it all the way. I have a lot of care and help. Let me improve a lot, thank you for the noble people on the road of life. I always think that the teacher wants to teach the children, there should be a child, there is a childlike heart, the fourth grade life is very slow, slow to I can't think of anything now. Of course, the skipping competition is the first one I took with them personally. I also spent a lot of thoughts on mathematics. Now it seems that the preparation at that time is very useful, and I will go to the fifth grade, this time. No change to class, they are handy and they continue to sneak in this road, the reading of the book is still vivid, as if it was yesterday. Those who have worked hard for a long time are always happy, endless. Red clothes, don't mention how happy, when I am immersed in joy, I remember very clearly, on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 6th, I was giving lectures, I received a phone call from my sister, the content is very simple Cheap Newport Regular Online, four words, milk It��s gone! This is the most sad news in 2015. After a few tangles, I finally couldn��t go home to see the last side. Now I still feel full of regrets. At that time, I have been with the students, they are also the most Understand me, they chose a gift for me on the weekend to comfort me. I know that I can't live up to the trust that these students have given me. The early morning classes are no longer noisy. Every time I go upstairs, they I am already studying very seriously. I think I should thank them and give me the greatest comfort when I am most sad and helpless! Speaking of the broadcast gymnastics queue formation competition, every time I am depressed, under the fifth grade At the time of the book, they took the first prize and returned. Since then, our award blank has been made up. I know how many of you have the little sweat on the little awards, and the rehearsals that you have been tired of again and again. It��s a key grade. I know that I didn��t miss your sixth grade. I dreamed over and over again. I woke up and lost. In the end, I finally accepted the facts. I can teach you 2 years and I am satisfied, but often Things are unexpected, After you went to the sixth grade, it was only in the sixth grade that you knew that this was a war without smoke. It��s no exaggeration to say that we are surrounded by homework exams every day. There is no normal rest, no classes, and some are endless. The words of ancient poetry, the incomplete math problems, and the group activities that followed. So in the sixth grade we lacked communication, and more often we used scores to communicate, but when we were so hard, we saw excellent When I scored, I felt that everything was worth it. I believe that you will have a bright future. This kind of depressed and fulfilling day is a perfect ending today. It has been a long time for three years. I can��t remember our original for a long time. Regards, the time of three years is also very short, so short that I did not remember your appearance, I know that I can no longer hold a class for three years. The initial greetings and the final farewell are the most unforgettable, I feel still There are so many things that have not been done, and I have not had time to do it. In the past three years, I have remembered your countless joys, sorrows and sorrows. This is growth, witnessing your progress, and participating in your childhood always feel that graduation is nowhere in sight until today. When I was out of school in the afternoon Marlboro 100'S Carton, someone shouted at me in the crowd: Teacher, take care! I realized that you really have to go this time, this time you step out. You will not come again, all three of my three years. Mind is spent on you, you have become the whole of my life, even I can not tell the difference between life and work Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online. Ignore the people who should pay attention to it, but fortunately, everything is just right, there is no banquet in the world Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping, three There should be an end in the year, just use this messy few thousand words to end it. I should continue to do so, and you still have a long way to go. We say goodbye at this intersection.
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